ICT Consultants


Years of experience to solve the issues related to ERP, Business Intelligence and IT Projects.

Experienced & Professional Consultants

ICT Directions provide consulting services that optimise your business efficiency by addressing people, process and technology issues.  That means understanding what drives your business, because only by understanding your business can we deliver the quality ICT solutions you demand.

ICT Directions consultants have experience from both sides of systems implementations: as consultants and as customers. This gives us a more complete perspective on the issues involved in any business systems implementation. In this way we ensure that the systems we implement address your real business challenges and are implemented in a way that is sensitive to your need to continue running a successful business.

Trusted Advisor

ICT is a difficult area for businesses to manage. Our clients call us because they are not expert on ICT. They don’t know what options they have available to them when it comes to implementing a Supply Chain solution or selecting a CRM system. Generally speaking, they will never have implemented a major business changing system.

This is where ICT Directions can help. We realise that your organisation has enough to do in running its existing business without the added pressure of managing your changing ICT needs. We take pride in getting to know your business, becoming part of the team, and effectively extending your business’ capabilities.

ERP Consultancy

ICT Directions provides a range of ERP related consulting services. We have experience in the full ERP life cycle – from requirements specification, through system selection, implementation, management and maintenance. Our experience gained from working on the customer side of ERP implementations provides us with a better understanding of the business issues you face in implementing and living with your ERP solution.

An ERP implementation is a major undertaking for any business. Many businesses undertake the management of such a project internally, often with sub-optimal results. Let ICT Directions manage your ERP implementation. We have many years experience of implementing ERP and we understand the issues you need to be aware of when dealing with your ERP vendor. Additionally, we understand the implications of an ERP implementation for your business.

Business Intelligence

ICT Directions provides the means to turn all that data you have been accumulating into useful knowledge. We will provide the measurement systems and reporting systems that ensure your organisation maintains its focus on the key tactical parameters that allow you to deliver upon your corporate strategy.

We offer an end-to-end solution from needs analysis, system design, data warehouse construction, client tool selection and report building.

We can design and build a business intelligence system for your business that provides cascading measures and key performance indicators based on your corporate strategy. These indicators ensure that all levels of your business are measured against targets that roll up to one focused bottom line deliverable.